A Place To Call My Own

7:47:00 AM

The last several months have been an insane whirlwind of paperwork, furniture shopping, and cabinet painting.  Apparently, that's what happens when you purchase a home. Which I did!  It's a modest two bedroom condo, but it's all mine.

All this craziness has resulted in a very sad and neglected blog. The good news is that there will soon be a slew of fun DIY and decorating posts. Honestly though, I've been painting for weeks. I started by reading blog posts to get some insight and I'd read that it would take about a week to complete the kitchen cabinet painting project. Right. About a week if you don't have a full time job or children and endless time on your hands. And, I say this with a very small kitchen. But overall, I would say it turned out nicely. I have four more doors to finish and I can't wait to share pictures once I'm all done!

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