5 Podcasts For A Restless Mind

4:26:00 PM

This American Life

If the best way to understand someone is to walk a mile in their shoes, This American Life would be the shoes you wear to the destination.  Each episode is a collection of stories based on a theme; most are true with an occasional fictional piece mixed in.  It can be an emotional rollercoaster at times but it's always informative and entertaining. 

99 PI is a podcast for design enthusiasts of any kind.  Each segment pulls an artistic element from everyday life and creates an in depth story filled with history, functionality, and a simple appreciation for good design.  The host, Roman Mars, explores a variety of topics including architecture, cities, objects, and art.  His exceptionally soothing voice makes for absolutely aesthetic audio.

Crime show lovers need to check out the Criminal podcast.  Hosted by Phoebe Judge, each episode digs up intriguing crime stories and gives listeners a close up examination of each case.  Some stories are lighthearted while others are deeply suspenseful.  Regardless, they are always well told and engaging. 

Embedded is a relatively new NPR podcast that started last March, so it doesn't have a ton of episodes just yet. The ones that are up are great pieces of investigative journalism related to a current event.  The podcast takes a news story and makes it personal by getting to know individuals involved. 
From the creators of Design Milk, the Clever podcast is fodder for creativity.  Each podcast is an hour long, in depth interview with a big name in design.  Guests include artists, architects, fashion designers, photographers and more.  Learn about their story of success, what their daily schedule looks like, and where their inspiration comes from. 

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