Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pear Dump Cake

1:51:00 PM

Have a holiday pot luck coming up and can't decide what to make?  This brown sugar cinnamon pear dump cake has all the festive flavors you need for a delicious fall/winter dessert. Plus, its incredibly easy to make.

Things you'll need
2 cans of sliced pears in heavy syrup
Brown Sugar
Vanilla cake mix
1 Stick of butter

Empty the entire contents of one can of pears into a baking dish.  Use only the pears from the second can, leave out the syrup.  Top with a layer of brown sugar (about half a cup) and cinnamon. Empty the cake mix on top.  Slice butter and place evenly over the cake mix. Finish with another thin layer of brown sugar and cinnamon on top.

Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees or follow the instructions on your cake mix box.

After all that hard work, treat yourself to a banana pear smoothie.  Take the last bit of pear syrup and blend with one frozen banana and half a cup of milk.  Now sit back and enjoy your smoothie while you wait for the cake to bake.

When the cake is ready, serve with a generous amount of ice cream or whipped cream!

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