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DIY Chicken Jerky Treats

I'm always on the hunt for healthy treats to feed my crew. We do our best to stick with wholesome options that use quality ingredients. Instead of buying bags of pricey, processed snacks, I've been making chicken jerky at home.  Not only do my dogs go crazy for them, they're also ridiculously easy to make.

Ingredients: Chicken Breast
Start by partially freezing the chicken breast for easier slicing. 
**Thawing an already frozen piece is not the same thing. The outer layers will thaw out first and the inside will still be too frozen to cut. I learned that the hard way. **
Preheat oven to 250°F
Get rid of as much of the fat as possible. Create thin, even slices and lay out on a tray with parchment paper. The thinner the slices, the easier it is to dry.  Use a paper towel and pat off any excess moisture.
 Stick it in the oven for around 3 and half hours. For crispier jerky, leave it in for a bit longer.
Once the chicken has dried, it can be stored in an air tight container for several days. 

The dogs followed me around while I took these pictures. They all put on their best puppy eyes while licking their lips in anticipation.

You can't beat healthy, delicious, and cheap!

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Steamed Eggs

I'm going to be honest with you.  I am a lazy cook who hates measuring.  Attention to detail is not one of my strong suits.  You know how people write "Great attention to detail!" on their resumes? I can't write that. It doesn't apply to me.  And yet, somehow, I've managed to get by okay.
Anything I post on this blog that is related to making food will be kept short and sweet -or savory. I will strive to fake fancy and skirt along the edges of healthy, but it will always be easy. Hopefully, you'll also find these recipes tasty!

Steamed eggs are a traditional Asian way of cooking these universally consumed sources of protein.  The dish is popular in both Chinese and Korean cuisine and can be served with any meal of the day.  It's my favorite way to make eggs when I'm in a rush and don't have time to cook a whole meal. Steamed eggs are usually made, obviously, by steaming.  In order to speed things up, I use my handy dandy microwave.

2 large eggs
1/3 to 1/2 cup water - depending on how you prefer the consistency
1/3 Tsp salt - I personally like to use garlic salt
1 Tsp sesame oil
Chopped scallions

As I mentioned earlier, I don't usually measure things out so this is a close approximation. I like my eggs to be mildly runny with garlic salt and lots of sesame oil.  The less water you add, the less runny it will be, so adjust to your preferences.

Add all the ingredients together and combine thoroughly.

Microwave for approximately 2.5 to 3 minutes and check the consistency.  If the eggs are not adequately firm, microwave for an additional 30 seconds at time.

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5 Tips for a Productive Work Week

Happy Monday!

We're at the start of the week once again.  Whether you have school or work, chances are you've got things to get done.  Being able to focus has always been a challenge for me and it greatly affects my ability to be productive. Here are a few things that help me sit still and get through my work.

1.  Take care of yourself

It's commonly known that our brains function best with good sleep, nutrition, and physical activity.  It's also commonly known that it's way easier said than done.
As great as coffee might be, it doesn't make up for a full night of solid rest. So lay off the late afternoon caffeine, get to bed early,  and put away those cell phones. 
Eating healthy foods and maintaining a regular exercise schedule can help with those afternoon slumps. Keep lots of leafy greens in your daily diet and stay away from sugars and fats. If you're not a gym person, take a nice long walk outdoors. Increased oxygen flow to the brain keeps you alert and ready to tackle new challenges throughout the day.

2. Plan ahead

Make lists; Prioritize; Set goals
Write down all the foreseeable things you'll need to accomplish within the upcoming week.  Having a visual of your workload will help you with managing your time. Prioritize tasks and schedule them into a weekly calendar. Set daily achievable goals and keep them short and specific.  Don't overwhelm yourself with long lists and focus on what you need to have done for that day. For an extra sense of accomplishment, check them off as you go! 

3. Create a comfortable work environment

Working in a cluttered room can cause unnecessary stress. Imagine being on a deadline and constantly having to search for documents! Start your work week by organizing your desk. Throw away things you don't need and put away things you aren't using immediately. Everything should have a cabinet or container. Drawer organizers are a great way hid pens and pencils when they're not in use and keeps your desk organized from the inside out. If I'm working at home, I find that my mind works better if my home is clean.  But, that might just be me going overboard. 

4. Focus

This is the part I struggle with the most.  I find working at home to be very difficult because I'm constantly giving into my urges to nap.  To prevent the lure of my very comfortable bed, I frequently go to my local tea shop.  Once I'm sitting among hard working and focused individuals, I feel encouraged to fit in.  If a quite space isn't attainable, bust out those earbuds! Listening to mellow music drowns out the noise and provides you with a steady beat to work to. When working on monotonous tasks that require minimal brain effort, try out some podcasts. I highly recommend This American Life or Planet Money.  I'm always learning something new and the podcasts are so engrossing that I almost never want to leave my seat till the podcast is finished. 

5. Take breaks

Don't burn out.  Get up and go for a short walk.  Rest your eyes and stretch.  Do things you enjoy! Sitting for long periods of time is not only bad for your healthy, it also decreases the quality of your work. Get a fresh perspective by going out into the world and interacting with human beings. 

Just hold on and Friday will be here in no time!

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10 Aesthetic Escapes - in the US

Sometimes it's nice to just get away from it all and go somewhere a little different.  Recharge and get inspired with these surreal retreat spots across the US.

This beautiful, grown up tree house in
New England, Vermont

An aesthetically pleasing and pet friendly safari tent in

Or a romantic, luxury safari tent in

A fully equipped, pet friendly tipi in
Lake Wales, FL

These simply serene, also pet friendly, safari tents in
This luxury tree house with 360 forest views in
Spicewood, TX
Or this amazing waterfront Treehouse in
Rio Frio, Texas
Enjoy luxurious glamping with your four and two legged friends in
Olympia, Washington
Or get adventurous with these riverfront tents in
Coloman, California

Enjoy views of the Gulf of Mexico from these comfy tents in
Panama City, FL

As much as I love traditional camping, there's definitely room on my adventure list for a few luxury stops.  Especially if it looks like these!

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DIY Upholstered Dog Bed

I had been looking for a spacious, modern design dog bed that matched the rest of my furniture.  Unfortunately, nothing I saw fit my specific expectations. I'm not super handy but I managed to put together this upholstered dog bed. My pups are a little spoiled but they love this bed!

Wood Plank
Suede Fabric (Frame)
Super Suede Fabric (Pillow)
Polyester Filling - I used stuffing from old pillow
**You can also purchase it through my affiliate link here**
Staple Gun and Staples
1/2" thick foam
Sewing Machine

I purchased a single wood plank from home depot and had them cut it into 4 pieces for me. The measurements would obviously change depending on the size of your pup. I honestly didn't even bother to measure and just eyeballed it.
Once I got home, I nailed the four pieces into a square to build the frame.

I cut the foam to wrap around the frame. It took several pieces of foam and I just lined them up as best I could to cover the whole thing. The foam should be wide enough to cover the edges on both sides with a little extra so that you can cover it with fabric. I stapled the foam down and left a little bit of edge. The important part here is that the foam should be flat and tight against the frame.
Then I measured the exterior of the frame using a piece of string and sewed up the suede fabric using those measurements. It should fit snugly over the frame without being too tight.

I wrapped the fabric over the edges of the foam and stapled it down. If your dogs like to chew on furniture, I would recommend finding a different way to do this in case they end up getting the staples out. It's not an issue with my dogs but please proceed with caution.

I made a giant overstuffed pillow using the super suede fabric. The stuffing inside is from some old pillows we didn't use anymore.

Feel free to comment with any questions!

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