The Minimalist In Me

7:17:00 AM

Minimalism is beautiful in theory.  When my room is decluttered and bright, I get the feeling that I've really got my life together.  It's usually followed by a sudden need to accomplish every goal I've ever set for myself.. In practice, it's not easy to be ever vigilant of the endless piles of clutter that seem to add up.  Where does all this stuff even come from?

Tips for a happy minimalist home:

Organization is key.  The whole idea of a minimalistic home is based on this point.  If you don't need it, put it away or throw it out.  Storage boxes are magical and pretty display containers are life savers.  Keep paper statements and other important documents in decorative folders. Hide electrical chords and stash keys out of sight.

Brighten things up.  Direct sunlight is always best but it's not feasible for every room.  Paint the walls with colors that attract and reflect light. Having a minimalist home doesn't necessarily mean basking in bright white all the time. Add contrast with different shades of gray for a calming affect.  You can also add the occasional pop of color if you prefer something a little more exciting.

Add shapes and textures.  Minimalism has a great appreciation for fine lines and smooth edges.  Geometric shapes draw a lot of attention in these otherwise simple homes.  Breaking up the lines with an occasional textured accessory, rug, or plant helps to fill the room and makes it more lived in while still maintaining it's simplicity.

Bonus picture.
Our foster kitty Joey.

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