Antique Desk Redo

10:07:00 PM

My sister loves the mint and white color combo and she recently got a new comforter set in those colors.  It was her birthday last month and I decided to get her a new desk to match her bed.  I found this antique wooden desk on Craigslist for $20.  It's in good shape and a great start to what I was looking for. 

It took me a couple hours each day for three days to repaint the desk.  The end results turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I got new knobs for the top drawers but kept the old pull out hardware to preserve the antique look. I spray painted the hardware silver for a light contrast to the white desk.

I did a quick sand down of the drawers and the desk.  I then started with two coats of the base paint and finished with three coats of the color.

I painted the interior of the drawers a mint color for a pop of color.

Some more photos of the finished work...

I'll try to add some more photos of the desk once it's in my sister's room.  For more detailed instruction, I suggest checking out YouTube for lots of helpful videos.

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  1. Cana this desk is awesome! You're so good at DIY - the desk looks a lot more chic after the painting and new knobs!