Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival 2014

8:35:00 PM

Our crew made the four and a half hour drive up to sweltering Las Vegas this last weekend for our 5th year of EDC. ( I kid you not when I say it was sweltering) As always, the days flew by quickly in a swirl of loud, heart-pounding music and bright lights.  The return home is hitting hard as I sit here at my quiet desk, still exhausted from the last few day's shenanigans.  People thought "Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat" was just the words to a track until they experienced the cycle that is the three day festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival. Fortunately for me, our crew took Saturday off as a day to kick back and enjoy the strip while recovering for Sunday. Our schedule was something like: arrive, day club ( Diplo), rave, sleep, eat, nightclub ( Zedd ), sleep, eat, nap, rave, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, walk strip, sleep, eat, depart. I've got to say, every moment was amazing from start to finish.

Watching Insomniac Events grow over the years has been mind blowing. The sheer number of attendees and the ever increasing level of production never ceases to amaze me.  Despite how we might fight it, change happens, for better and for worse. Every year the colors get brighter, the costumes get crazier, and the crowds get wilder. From my own encounters this last weekend, the crowd was nothing short of friendly and enthusiastic, fully living up the PLUR lifestyle.  On the other hand, I've heard from others that there were a good share of bad apples, fence jumpers, and otherwise Negative Nancys.

Well it's unfortunate that there are people who incessantly put themselves before others, we need to take into account that an increasing audience will bring in a wide spectrum of individuals. Taking the changes, good and bad, in stride has been a great part of the experience.  It's our job as attendees to promote the behavior we know to be true to the EDM culture. The growing event has allowed us to meet other individuals who share the values of peace, love, unity and respect.  While there will always be those who dampen the scene, we can't let it take away years of what previous festival goers have built.  Our electric sky will undoubtedly continue to grow and change as each year passes and I look forward to positive vibes of the ever increasing new comers.

Going home has been difficult, as it is every year.  Sharing an amazing experience with over a hundred other individuals makes it rather hard to go back to normal life.  But, like it was written on the car window of a fellow EDC attendee, these will be our best memories to treasure for the rest of our lives. And when next year rolls around, we'll be back again, making friends and dancing like we'll never grow old.

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