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Antique Desk Redo

My sister loves the mint and white color combo and she recently got a new comforter set in those colors.  It was her birthday last month and I decided to get her a new desk to match her bed.  I found this antique wooden desk on Craigslist for $20.  It's in good shape and a great start to what I was looking for. 

It took me a couple hours each day for three days to repaint the desk.  The end results turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I got new knobs for the top drawers but kept the old pull out hardware to preserve the antique look. I spray painted the hardware silver for a light contrast to the white desk.

I did a quick sand down of the drawers and the desk.  I then started with two coats of the base paint and finished with three coats of the color.

I painted the interior of the drawers a mint color for a pop of color.

Some more photos of the finished work...

I'll try to add some more photos of the desk once it's in my sister's room.  For more detailed instruction, I suggest checking out YouTube for lots of helpful videos.

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Easy Chicken Alfredo Buns

I looovee a good chicken alfredo pasta.  This quick lunch recipe makes it in bun form and is easy to put together and full of yummy deliciousness!  It's awesome if you'd like to take one with you on the go.

Ingredients include Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers biscuit dough ( I got the buttery kind), shredded mozzarella cheese, alfredo sauce, and chicken breast.  The only change I would make to the picture below is adding home cooked chicken breast instead of ready cooked pieces that were intended for sandwiches, just because the end result was a little too salty for my taste,  

The biscuit dough is already split up into separate pieces.  Take section and flatten it out. Rolling pins come in handy here but you can always just use the palm of your hand. Fill up the center with alfrado sauce, mozzarella, and bits of chicken breast.  Make sure you don't overfill it so the edges can still touch when wrapped up.

Pinch the edges together to make a bun.  Really make sure the edges stick together or else it will unravel in the oven.  It won't look so pretty but it will still taste great.

Line the a tray with baking paper and pop it in the oven!  Follow the instructions for baking on the biscuit dough label.  The buns are ready once it turns a golden brown.

You can always break one apart to check if it's ready.  It should be warm and full of cheesy goodness on the inside.  Enjoy!

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Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Treats for You and Your Dog

It's the end of summer and my area was hit with an intense heat wave for the last week.  Enjoying an cold treat is a great way to cool down, especially when your dogs can enjoy it with you!  Here are two easy ways to make frozen treats using just peanut butter, bananas, and honey.

Lick-able Peanut Butter Banana Popsicle:

I added two spoonfuls of peanut butter, two bananas, one spoonful of honey, and three cups of water in a blender. The ratio can be adjusted according to how much you'd like to make.

Pour the mixture into the mold and freeze overnight. I used popsicle molds but you can also use ice trays for smaller sized treats.

Pop it out of the mold and share with your pup!  It's a good idea to run the mold under warm water so the pops come out easier. My crew loved it so much, they finished it within a few minutes.

With the same ingredients, minus the water, you can also make smaller bite sized treats. Instead of using a blender, I hand mashed the bananas so there would be yummy chunks of banana in the mixture.

Mix in the peanut butter and honey.  The consistency should be thick and able hold its form. Line a pan with a baking sheet and and scoop out the mixture in round shapes about one to two inches in diameter.  For people treats, you can melt some chocolate and drizzle it on top.  NOTE: Please make sure that the treats for dogs do not have chocolate on it since it is toxic to them!

Pop it in the freezer and it should be ready within a few hours. Once you can peel it off the sheet, its good to eat!

I made Kahlua wait so I could take a picture before she ate one.  You can see the anticipation on her face. Yum!

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Easy Kitchen Updates

Since my parents moved us into our house 10+ years ago, they've never changed their dining area due to their ever so busy schedules. The dinner table sits next to a built in window seating area.  The pillows were hand sewn by the previous owners and, needless to say, it was very old and worn out. I decided I'd take the initiative and update their dining room for them. I forgot to take a before photo but here's one of the project half way done.  The pillows are still covered with the old fabric and the seating cushion is the fabric I picked out for a more lively and updated look.

We've also had our dining table chairs for several years before moving into our house. Each one has taken a beating over time and desperately needed a face lift. I sanded down the rusted paint and resprayed each one brown to match the new window seat. I really wanted to brighten up the kitchen so I also reupholstered them with a white faux leather fabric. 

I guess I'm making this post prematurely since I haven't completed all the chairs yet but I will update this post with a final photos once everything's done.

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Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival 2014

Our crew made the four and a half hour drive up to sweltering Las Vegas this last weekend for our 5th year of EDC. ( I kid you not when I say it was sweltering) As always, the days flew by quickly in a swirl of loud, heart-pounding music and bright lights.  The return home is hitting hard as I sit here at my quiet desk, still exhausted from the last few day's shenanigans.  People thought "Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat" was just the words to a track until they experienced the cycle that is the three day festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival. Fortunately for me, our crew took Saturday off as a day to kick back and enjoy the strip while recovering for Sunday. Our schedule was something like: arrive, day club ( Diplo), rave, sleep, eat, nightclub ( Zedd ), sleep, eat, nap, rave, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, walk strip, sleep, eat, depart. I've got to say, every moment was amazing from start to finish.

Watching Insomniac Events grow over the years has been mind blowing. The sheer number of attendees and the ever increasing level of production never ceases to amaze me.  Despite how we might fight it, change happens, for better and for worse. Every year the colors get brighter, the costumes get crazier, and the crowds get wilder. From my own encounters this last weekend, the crowd was nothing short of friendly and enthusiastic, fully living up the PLUR lifestyle.  On the other hand, I've heard from others that there were a good share of bad apples, fence jumpers, and otherwise Negative Nancys.

Well it's unfortunate that there are people who incessantly put themselves before others, we need to take into account that an increasing audience will bring in a wide spectrum of individuals. Taking the changes, good and bad, in stride has been a great part of the experience.  It's our job as attendees to promote the behavior we know to be true to the EDM culture. The growing event has allowed us to meet other individuals who share the values of peace, love, unity and respect.  While there will always be those who dampen the scene, we can't let it take away years of what previous festival goers have built.  Our electric sky will undoubtedly continue to grow and change as each year passes and I look forward to positive vibes of the ever increasing new comers.

Going home has been difficult, as it is every year.  Sharing an amazing experience with over a hundred other individuals makes it rather hard to go back to normal life.  But, like it was written on the car window of a fellow EDC attendee, these will be our best memories to treasure for the rest of our lives. And when next year rolls around, we'll be back again, making friends and dancing like we'll never grow old.

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