Laptop Pillow Sleeve Tutorial

8:08:00 PM

I'm a pretty inconsistent blogger and I usually post when I suddenly get an idea or find some source of random inspiration.  Anyways, I made video tutorial a while ago for a laptop pillow sleeve.  My sister is currently using it as her case and has been getting complements from her friends, so I thought I'd share it on here.

So essentially it's a laptop case which doubles as a pillow (which is awesome for class time naps ).  It also serves as a cute disguise when you're not using it.  The whole thing took me less than an hour to put together and it didn't cost me all that much either. The lace was just an extra touch I thought would finish off the look.  

So the video is a few years old and I apologize if the music isn't to your liking.  I've been getting mixed reviews about it but I can see how it kind of covers up my voice.  Oh well! You can get the idea. 

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