Bright Colors for Summer

1:20:00 AM

Up until recently, I've been a big fan of neutral and gray scale shades.  It wasn't until this last year that I started picking up on brighter colors and now I really love them.  I hit up Marshall's the other day and found this bright green/blue dress and a simple white cardigan which I fell in love with.  I actually had a pair of earrings which were gifted to me by a friend that were the exact same shade.  I matched it up with a small white purse and thick brown belt. 

My youngest sister gets a kick out of painting my toenails while I take naps so my toenails are constantly changing colors.  This time I woke up with a bright orange that I think worked well with the dress, so a pat on the back for her.

I ended up wearing this outfit to brunch the next day and I am inn love with the color. It makes summer so much more vibrant!

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