DIY Upholstered Dog Bed

11:22:00 PM

I had been looking for a spacious, modern design dog bed that matched the rest of my furniture.  Unfortunately, nothing I saw fit my specific expectations. I'm not super handy but I managed to put together this upholstered dog bed. My pups are a little spoiled but they love this bed!

Wood Plank
Suede Fabric (Frame)
Super Suede Fabric (Pillow)
Polyester Filling - I used stuffing from old pillow
**You can also purchase it through my affiliate link here**
Staple Gun and Staples
1/2" thick foam
Sewing Machine

I purchased a single wood plank from home depot and had them cut it into 4 pieces for me. The measurements would obviously change depending on the size of your pup. I honestly didn't even bother to measure and just eyeballed it.
Once I got home, I nailed the four pieces into a square to build the frame.

I cut the foam to wrap around the frame. It took several pieces of foam and I just lined them up as best I could to cover the whole thing. The foam should be wide enough to cover the edges on both sides with a little extra so that you can cover it with fabric. I stapled the foam down and left a little bit of edge. The important part here is that the foam should be flat and tight against the frame.
Then I measured the exterior of the frame using a piece of string and sewed up the suede fabric using those measurements. It should fit snugly over the frame without being too tight.

I wrapped the fabric over the edges of the foam and stapled it down. If your dogs like to chew on furniture, I would recommend finding a different way to do this in case they end up getting the staples out. It's not an issue with my dogs but please proceed with caution.

I made a giant overstuffed pillow using the super suede fabric. The stuffing inside is from some old pillows we didn't use anymore.

Feel free to comment with any questions!

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  1. What a cute idea....I love it!!!

  2. Your dog is so adorable!!! the bed looks amazing... gotta try making one for my cat

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see it if you ever do try it out.

  3. Love the idea, seems like so sweet <3