3 months in...

12:11:00 AM

and I've only been able to find a little time here and there, between my class and work schedule, to furnish the apartment. My favorite room so far is our bathroom because it's the only room I ended up splurging a little with store bought items.

The bathroom already came with features I loved such as the framed mirror, light fixtures, frosted glass shower doors, and granite counter tops.  There was a large empty space above the toilet and below the wall cabinets so we bought two wall mounted shelves from Target to fill it.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest of a bathroom with similar shelves and I really liked the idea.  Each shelf cost about $10 but I was a pretty disappointed because it couldn't even hold all that much weight.  The two large shelves we bought for the living room, at $20 each, were even worse.  The shelf wasn't even able to withstand the weight of a single oil diffuser before everything came crashing down, spilling scented oil all over our new rug. I checked the reviews for these products on the Target.com and both had low ratings and poor reviews.  Luckily, the boo was able to run to Home Depot and figure out a more reliable way to secure the shelves to the wall.

The towels, bathmat and soap pump were all bought brand new from Target.  I splurged a bit because I love thick towels and fluffy mats! I couldn't pass up the amazing softness from their Fieldcrest collection.  Above the towel rack hangs a Bed Bath and Beyond candle holder I had from the previous apartment.  Lastly, I added some fake flowers from the Dollar store.  The vase, potpourri filler, and 3 flowers cost me a total of $5.  Now, I just need to fill the shelves with some light decor.

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