Deposit made...

12:26:00 AM

on the cute two bedroom two bathroom apartment we went to go check out yesterday.  It's the second unit we've seen in the same complex and there were pros and cons to each one.  Since the first unit we saw was rented out fairly quickly, we didn't want to pass this one up.

The first unit we saw was slightly smaller (not by much though) and was on the first floor of the complex.  It was really dark because there are several trees planted right outside the windows.  The best part about that unit was the large patio which was about twice the size of the balconies on the second and third floors.  The cons were that the rooms seemed really small and we didn't have the greatest cell phone service in there.

The unit we ended up putting a deposit on is located on the third floor, which is nice because it's quite for us ( top floor) but lame because apparently they can hear our footstep downstairs, so we'll have to be careful. The best thing about this unit is that it has a raised ceiling which makes the room look a lot larger than the first unit we saw.  It also makes my walk in closet slightly bigger, which is fantastic.  It has shag carpeting, cream colored walls, and a fire place which is a plus plus plus for me! My biggest issue is the wall cabinet in the bathroom makes the whole bathroom look a lot smaller than the one in the first unit I saw, even though its technically the same size.  I didn't really get a good look at it but if it's possible, I plan to remove the cabinet and put it in storage while we live there.

Now, I am on a mission to find the best deals on craigslist in order to make our house a home.  :]

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